Big Guys Have Advantages

By , July 27, 2012 9:43 am

Looking great is icing on the cake.

It’s a statistical fact that men over 6 feet tall are financially more successful on average than their shorter counterparts. It may seem unfair but human nature is what it is. Larger men tend to command more presence in a room. Physically looking up to someone engenders respect for his physical stature. That respect extends psychologically to perceptions of social and business influence.

Big guys can take full advantage of their physiological blessings! They can leverage the success combination of having a commanding physical presence donned with comfortable, nice fitting suits that look great on them. On the other hand, poor fitting suits look especially goofy on big men which can lead to embarrassment.

One of the nagging issues large men have is finding clothes that fit and actually look good!  There are plenty of manufacturers of big & tall suits as well as retailers that carry big & tall sizes. The problem so many big guys have is getting suits tailored properly to their individual sizes and unique builds.

It’s the tailoring, stupid!

Big & tall tailoring is a specialty skill that very few retailers genuinely offer. Most men’s clothing stores provide tailoring services that are ironically “one size fits all.” In other words, they make no distinction for big & tall customers. It’s only a matter of numbers – measurements & sizes. Experienced big & tall tailors take other factors into account that are critically important for proper fit and comfort.

There’s more to it than meets the eye. Fabrics behave much differently on larger frames. The drape of cloth on a 6’ 5” man will look and move differently than it will on a 5’ 10” guy. A really good tailor knows this intuitively and makes subtle adjustments that make all the difference for each individual customer.

There’s an old adage that in life “attitude is everything” but in the world of big professional men, tailoring is everything!  A poor fitting suit is magnified and more obvious on a large frame. So if you’re a big man and want to take advantage of your genealogical endowment, find a tailor who specializes in fitting big & tall men. Eyeball their customers to see how they look. If you see a large man looking exceptionally well dressed, ask him the name of his tailor. When you find a clothier who suits you up really nicely, you may have just hit pay dirt!


George’s Apparel loves to work with big & tall men. We have specialist tailors inside the store who will assist you to dramatically improve how you look and feel in a suit. Feel free to call us or stop by the store if you have any questions about special size tailoring. (603) 622-5441

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