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For eighty-eight years, Damon has been marketing a line of Branded Men's dress shirts and sportswear to over 2,000 active retailers from coast-to-coast. The division's success is no mystery: The highest standards of production, quality details, superb service and highly competitive pricing have all contributed.

Today's Damon Shirts has broadened its business to include the following product categories supported by a major in-stock program and is marketed to moderate and better specialty stores. Not only does Damon design and manufacture fine men's Dress Shirts in blends and all cotton, but also Sportswear, Neckwear, Pants, and Accessories that are consistent with our superior quality and design.

Dress shirts are made of the finest fabrics: Fabrics are automatically spread and cut by a computer controlled knife to ensure accuracy and each fabric is visually inspected to ensure perfect color matching on each shirt.

Collars are long lasting: Fine interlining is used in all our collars. The interlining is joined to the top-ply to stabilize and to give a smooth, comfortable, and attractive appearance.

We now carry slim fit shirt in many colors.

This year we add Christopher Lena to our Dress Shirt selection giving you options for regular fit shirts or Fitted Shirts. Combining these two excellent brands, we now have a large variety of styles to pick from. With Regular fit shirts there are 26 colors to choose from and for fitted shirts 20 colors. Don't forget we offer French Cuffs in 12 different colors as well.

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